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  1. TJ from Stanford has organized an Ivy-wide mixer in Palo Alto on Saturday April 16, which will double as a much-needed fundraiser for JAPAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF. TJ is also generously paying directly for the room rental and refreshments, so that 100% of your $20 cover fee for the mixer and dancing will go straight to the American Red Cross. (fully tax deductable). Bravo TJ.

    The facility can fit hundreds, so we can have fun and have some impact. See you there!

    Our second event is almost here – it’s Monday, April 4th. It’s an INSEAD speaker event on the China Dream.

    Gloria (Nichols)
    Stanford Alum, Harvard Business School alum

    Your Ivy Plus alumni friends can join SF Bay Area Ivy plus LinkedIn group to receive it directly: Ivy Plus members are from the following schools: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke,
    Harvard, INSEAD, MIT, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Yale.

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