We call the day of the big earthquake in East Japan “311”

There have been many earthquakes after 311, but it becomes smaller now.
We call the day of the big earthquake in East Japan “311”.

By the way, Mr. Son Masayoshi who is the CEO of SoftBank decided to donate 10 Billion yen to earthquake relief efforts! In addition, he will donate the whole of his remuneration until retirement in order to offer support to children orphaned.

I was so impressed and respect him. Mr. Son is a very talented business manager, and many people expect him to launch business to Activate the economy in Northeast Japan.


I think what I can do for people in Northeast is to support revitalize the economy via my work and private activity as the earthquake and nuclear plant problem causes serious damage to Japanese economy especially agriculture and other industries in Northeast,,,

It becomes warmer in Tokyo and cherry blossom comes into blooming.
Hope people in Japan can feel “small happiness” with it.



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