If you can… From Naoko F. in Yokohama-city


My name is Naoko, I live in Yokohama, Japan.  Some of my friends have asked me if i needed anything, or if there was anything they could do.

I, myself do not need anything, but i want all the helps to be directed to those who really need.

If you have any of the below items “sleeping” at home, please send over to me, so that I can send them to some people i know helping the survivors from the earthquake/tsunami personally… (I can assure that those people are trustful. and they work quicker than the government. People are very frustrated here in Japan as the government has their protocol, much needed items are not delivered to us quickly.)

Even just one item would be welcome.  When I get a certain amount of things, I will sort the things out and forward them.


-socks (for any ages; used ones are fine)

-underwears (for any ages; new ones preferred)


-sanitary napkins

-medicines (painkillers, aspirin, etc.)

-powdered milk

-working gloves

-tooth brushes

and for school kids (old ones are just fine.  needed by the end of April)






-staplers (and staples)



-color pencils

If you have items and like to contribute, please contact Naoko via email,

Please list email subject as: “billion voices-relief goods”.  If you have any friends or family in Japan, please spread the word.

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  1. Hi Naoko. Thank you for reaching out. There are so many people in need and there are many of us that do not know how are can help. I hope everyone can support what you are doing.

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