Michael Tonge, Earthquake, April 7, 2011

Michael Tonge

Well like the title says…another day and yet another bloody earthquake…such is life in Sendai at the moment…I think that was earthquake number 793 or something…I have to apologise as i really have lost count…something like that anyway:) last nights quake struck just before midnight…I would say that hopefully most people were sleeping and slept through it but it was still pretty strong and violent…side to side shaking again…like some giant baby grabbing your house and giving it a shake mid tantrum…but saying that my 3 year old daughter slept right through it!!

Luckily last nights earthquake was “only” 7.4….a mere tiddler compared to last months earthquake…if i had been fishing id have been tempted to throw it back and try to hook another big one! Saying that the people here are understandably pretty jittery when it comes to shakes since last month…Last nights earthquake was big and strong enough to have people running into the streets again…everyone runs that much faster here these days…first impressions was it must be a fresh new strong earthquake but it turns out that it was still just an aftershock from last months big quake….we have been getting at least one fairly big aftershock since the 11 March earthquake but its incredible to think that even a month after that we can still get an aftershock as strong as 7.4!!

But life goes on here..people were just starting to get back to normal lives if they could…most people who could were back at work…schools were either opening again or preparing to reopen…roads have been repaired…the underground train system is up and running…although there is a replacement bus service between Dianohara and Izumi chuo…and some JR trains are running again…Anything talking of getting back to normal, gotta go now and see if Daycare is opening today and if i have a job to go to today too…lets hope for a peaceful weekend…and stable one too…in many scenes of the word!! Im still planning on heading up to Kesennuma on Sunday with some friends to try to deliver aid up there…they need it a lot more than Sendai does….


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