Tribute to Japan

This is a repost from my blog – that I did a few days ago. It was requested that I share this here and am very glad to do so. A Billion Voices.

Last fall 2010 I visited Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco where they were housing an exhibition of Japanese woodblock prints – a most excellent exhibition. I became mesmerized by the small almost delicate prints that contained prussian/indigo blues and snowstorms. It appeared the white dots for snow were very randomly placed yet created a strong visual representation of actual snow. As a result I began a 4′ x 4′ work in blues (indigo/prussian and others) with the intent to paint the snow – mimicking the woodblock prints seen at the Legion. I also began few other works at the same time – each incorporating borders as did this blue painting – a desire to borrow from both the influence and the influenced (i.e. the impressionist/postimpressionist works which contain decorative borders.

Shortly after the heart wrenching tragedy in Japan this year (which still continues) I noticed many of the news reports coming live with snow falling all around. I determined to complete this half-finished painting which was lying in the studio. Here it is at this moment – perhaps more paint will be added, am still in the state of unknowing in terms of completeness.

Tribute to Japan, 48" x 48", kathryn arnold, oil on canvas
Tribute to Japan, 48″ x 48″, kathryn arnold, oil on canvas

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