Volunteer in Ishinomaki, Japan

I came back from Ishinomaki on Friday. I believe you saw my pics and knew already, but what I felt was they still need a LOT of help for a LONG time. Its been about 2 month since quake, however nothing is settled yet. Some area is still covered by water because of land subsidence and lots of people are still living at shelter. Some of stores started their business, but lots of people lost their cars and money so its hard to go to shopping anyway. But I was very surprised that the local people help each other. Some people give away their extra clothes, extra dishes, extra blancket etc.
They are having such a hard time, but they are very kind to others. I realized that Japan is such a beautiful country!

I decided to stay here one more week and go back to Ishinomaki again. Im happy to be there again.

Lisa Barkenhagen, currently living in Mexico, went back to Ishinomaki City to help with the relief efforts.

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