Drawings from Paris to Tohoku children

How can we support the people in north-east of Japan? There are financial donations, fundraiser as well as small actions that we can organize that can be greatly appreciated. It can also  be a way to communicate and inform what is happening in Tohoku to people around you. Even people know what had happened in Japan, as time passes, people forget as news are replaced by other informations. I personally think that it is important to speak about  how context is evolving in Tohoku .

I sent the drawings above to Support Organization for Tohoku artist (SOAT) in Sendai. http://www.soat.jp/ Their members have been affected by earthquake /tsunami. At beginning of april they decided that they will support children through art. I made a small collect in Elementary school in Paris 3rd district,”vertus” in exchange with fish made out of recycled plastic. Children and parents gave what they wanted. Children surrounded us, asked us questions about what is going on in Tohoku, then children spontaneously decided to draw and write a message for children in Tohoku .

We sent the money to Association Aid and relief (AAR) who supports elders and people with physical disabilities but since i am in contact with Ms. Fujiwara of SOAT, I decided to send the drawings to them. She was touched by children’s  intentions. Sometimes, small support is needed to fill the gaps to encourage the people in this crisis. I think as a way to support the people in long term, we need to find a way to bridge people with so they can dialog and exchange.

SOAT as their support towards the disaster , they created “save the art act”, http://www.soat.jp/news/110523_01/index.html they are collecting art materials for children,artists and people who organize art workshops for children. In May , the delivered the materials to Ishinomaki and in Sendai.

If you want to send art materials or support them,  you can send get in touch with them : http://www.soat.jp/access/index.html

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