Arts NPO Aid

ARTS NPO AID is a structure that i would really like to recommend. They are less immediate than humanitarian organizations but their work have been appreciated by people in north east of Japan. Some people told me that they were glad that I told them about the non profit organization . When we look at the website and read the content, we may have the impressions that they only help artists and art NPO. But their point is to help local art structures and artists so they can help the others to regain expression through art. Their work is financing and providing the actual needs of the people and assisting to rebuild a stronger local communities.  When people apply to get help from ARTS NPO AID, the first step is that they arrange a visit .Once they arrive to the applicants homes or work space,  they discuss with the people to find a way to assist them concretely . But even before the actual help, people appreciate their visit because they feel considered and cared for. Sometimes this is already a big help. They interview some people to bridge their voices to out side world.  They are working in  longer term actions as they know that reconstruction needs communication. Because outside help is essential, they are attempting to share the feelings, thoughts and actions of people from Tohoku. Please check their website.

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