Sending hope, love and healing for the resilient people of Japan, Lucien Kubo, 2

Rememering Matsushima Bay (coast of Sendai)
1 in a series

By Lucien Kubo

I am attaching a few images of my artwork on the Japan tsunami/prayers for healing series. During my own personal recovery, I began doing artwork showing hope and positive healing thoughts. I began some of these prior to the tsunami; it was healing for me to find my old post-war Japanese language book with the picture of the children folding origami. It reminded me of when my family visited Hiroshima and saw the thousand cranes that children folded. The cranes became a symbol of hope and healing.  I remember standing in the Peace Memorial Park feeling this wave of sadness as I envisioned the over 200,000 people who died here during the war. The memorial expressed the Japanese peeople’s wish and hope for a peaceful world free from the threats of nuclear bombs.

Later we visited Sendai, Matsushima Bay and Fukushima, where my husband’s ancestors are from. No castles existed due to the WWII destruction, but like Hiroshima, the city was rebuilt and full of life. We enjoyed a beautiful visit of Matsushima Bay with special friends. We also visited the family graveyard, shrine with our family and extended Japanese family.

With the tsunami/nuclear meltdown this spring, Japan again was hit with another unbelievable disaster. I felt similar to how I felt about Hiroshima, this “natural and nuclear” tragedy would be forever “woven” into my mind and the people of the world. I wanted to show hope and send healing thoughts for the rebuilding of the people and  Japan, that is so much a part of me. The weaving is made of newspaper articles, images, origami paper and Japanese thread.

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