Turning Crisis Into Opportunity – What SV Can Do To Help Rebuild Japan

Robert Scoble at the Keizai Event Wed June 29, 2011

A fundraiser for orphans of the earthquake and Tsunami.

Sponsored by Keizai Society, Silicon Valley Wireless and TiE Silicon Valley
Wednesday, June 29, 2011
5:30-9:30pm PARC, Palo Alto

Silicon Valley showed its force as legions of tech leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and international businessmen gathered to share ideas on how Silicon Valley can help rebuild Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami ripped through the northeastern part of Japan. Lead by Dr. Richard Dasher of Stanford, some of the leading minds of the valley took on the challenge of “what Silicon Valley can do to help rebuild Japan. From a technology, design and innovation perspective as envisioned by Robert Scoble, to a systems infrastructure viewpoint mapped out by FCC Senior Attorney Advisor James Miller, the spirit of Silicon Valley connected with the determination and tenacity of the people of Japan. With encouraging words from Consul General of Japan Hiroshi Inomata there was a sense of hope, that Japan would not only recover, but will emerge stronger than before.

Next up, a panel featuring Lukas Biewald, founder and chairman of CrowdFlower, Marianna Grossman, Executive Director of Sustainable Silicon Valley, and James Miller, Sr. Attorney Advisor at FCC, discussed the importance of the relationship between the U.S. and Japan and how we can not only help but also learn from the people of Japan and this current tragedy.

And finally, the last keynote speaker, Kamran Elahian, a global entrepreneur, philanthropist and venture capitalist with Global Catalyst Partners spoke of how we can help as individuals, connecting to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. More specifically, how can we help the thousand orphans in the Tohoku area of Northern Japan who still need our help. He volunteered a thousand dollars and asked for anyone else to do the same. In a matter of mere minutes he raised ten thousand dollars, with dozens of other volunteers committing to connecting with the orphans through the Ashinaga program in Japan.

An informal mixer with a delightful mix of Japanese sushi and Chinese dim sum delicacies followed, enabling the conversations and connections to continue.

Congratulations to the Keizai Society along with Silicon Valley Wireless, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and the many other sponsors for a fine event for a great cause.

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