Kamran Elahian, global entrepreneur on Rebuilding Japan

“Turning Crisis into Opportunity – What Silicon Valley can do to help Rebuild Japan”

Event: Wednesday, June 29, 2011
5:30-9:30pm PARC, Palo Alto
Sponsored by Keizai SocietySilicon Valley Wireless and TiE Silicon Valley

Kamron Elahian, a successful global entrepreneur, venture capitalist, philanthropist, and keynote speaker at the recent Keizai fundraising event, roused the audience with his honest and frank statements about supporting Japan after the tragedies of March 11, 2011. Not realizing that there were hundreds of orphaned youths left stranded after the tsunami and earthquake, he didn’t think that such a rich country as Japan needed his organization’s support. After all, Kamran’s nonprofit organization has helped thousands of needy children around the world in under developed countries. After learning about the Ashinaga organization’s effort to help the orphans Kamran committed his organization to help and encouraged others in the audience to do the same. With an impromptu “ask”, Kamran inspired others to take action and within a few minutes, raised over $10,000 for the Ashinaga organization. A powerful demonstration of what Silicon Valley can do to help rebuild Japan.

“Think of what a modern-day Robin Hood would do”, Kamran says. “Today, we don’t have to snatch wealth from the rich and give it to the poor. We have the means to level the playing field – provide everybody with the beat tools to learn and grow, and create new opportunities for economic and social progress and equality.”

One comment

  1. Kudos to Kamran and other donors!

    The problem with all disasters, whether in rich or poor nations, is that governments often move too slowly and ineffectively to help those in dire need. That’s why aid groups and global donations are often the only way to send targeted help fast.


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