Snapshots from Sales Event for Tsunami Victims

Atlas Foundation

Many thanks to everybody who visited our stands during April 9-10 in effort to raising funds for tsunami victims in Japan.

$5,500 was raised just in two days. Auction was held on Saturday, April 9, at 6.30pm. Hand-made art-craft items went to their new owners in 2 hours. Below are some snapshots from the event.

More info

Atlas Foundation, founded in 2002 in New Orleans, LA, is a non-profit,  multicultural, faith based organization, operating for spiritual and educational purposes.

We are dedicated to discovering and celebrating the common ties that bind us as brothers and sisters and fostering understanding, tolerance, respect, and love of our fellow human beings through dialogue .

We do this through programs which enrich our lives and encourage dialogue.

These programs include:

  • Community panels and programs
  • Ramadan dinners (Iftars) and Noah’s Pudding (Asure) served in the community
  • Annual Dinner

We also offer:

  • cooking classes,
  • Sufi nights,
  • Turkish and English language classes.

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