Great Cycling Adventure in Tokyo

Jim Takasugi, IdeArbitrage

Tokyo Trip, October, 2011

If you ever wondered what Tokyo would feel like from a cyclist perspective, this is it! – The Tokyo Great Cycling Tour.

The weather was a bit brisk and overcast when we started out from their office in Shinkawa, but the spirits were high and so with great anticipation, the six of us plus our guides, Kosuke-san and Yuki-san, set off for the Great Tokyo Cycling Adventure!

Our bikes were in good condition; the gears and the brakes worked well, and the seat hight set just right and ready to go.  To be honest, it was a bit unnerving to thread through the pedestrian and car traffic through the huge intersections and narrow alleyways, but once we got the hang of it, it seemed quite natural, and I could ease up on my white-knuckles on the handlebars.

A Traditional Japanese Confectionary Store

Our first stop is Nihonbashi, the famous bridge from where the five major roads in Japan start.  Continuing on the traditional part of Tokyo, we arrived at Ningyo-cho and stopped for a quick bite of  ”kuri-manju” at a traditional confectionary shop, “Akebono”.

Headquarters of Pearl Izumi

Along an alleyway, we come across the headquarters of Pearl Izumi.  More than 50 years ago in Tokyo, a father produced Japan’s first bicycle racing apparel for his son, a promising racer. Today, PI is recognized worldwide.  It’s remarkable how small and inconspicuous a place it is.


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