Fundraising Event for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery

Saturday, November 12 · 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Health Awakening Studio
9045 Fair Oaks Blvd. suite E
Carmichael, CA


Free Admission

café SENDAI- Delicious Japanese foods, organic & healthy, Sushi, Home-made Miso, Kimchi and Artisan breads. 4pm-7pm

Silent Auction – Gift Certificates from local sushi restaurants, local businesses.

Japanese hand crafting – for both kids and adults. Making paper cranes (origami) and making Zori (Japanese indoor thong) from recycled materials.

Movie screening – “Gaia Symphony” see the trailer on our website. 5:30pm – 7pm The door will be open during the movie so you can come and leave whenever you want to.

Bring your friends and kids! I highly recommend to pre-order foods. Please go to our website for more details & ordering form

All the profits will go to specially selected organizations in Japan.

This time we will be donating money to two aid organizations in Japan. One is ASHINAGA who are offering educational & emotional support to children who have lost their parent(s) in the disaster and another one is Team SAKE who are working directly with people to rebuilding local communities and businesses.

Presented by KIBO Connection
Kibo means hope in Japanese

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