Save Fukushima’s children 


November 11, 2011: We delivered our message by hand to the PM’s office — and we will keep delivering this petition to PM Noda and to the media until the government takes action! Let’s continue signing and spreading the word to Save Fukushima’s children.

Update November 10, 2011: Today the Committee on compensation failed to protect Fukushima’s children saying it was out of their jurisdiction. But the Prime Minister has the authority and our petition to him is exploding — we will deliver the number of signers to him and to the media until he takes urgent action. Sign Now!

Right now, thousands of local residents are still trapped in the highly contaminated areas in and around Fukushima City. Children and families left destitute by the tsunami can’t afford to get out– and the government is failing to help them.

But a group of brave mothers have taken to the streets to ensure their children are helped out of the disaster zone. Hundreds of supporters from around the country have gathered for a sit-in outside the Ministry of Economy in Tokyo demanding that Prime Minister Noda grant their children the opportunity to evacuate. We can stand with them.

This is, literally, the fight of their lives. Children, sitting in the midst of radioactive contamination, don’t have a day to lose. Let’s build a giant outcry for a healthy future for Fukushima children. Sign the urgent petition on the right and forward this campaign widely — it will be delivered directly to the Prime Minister and the the media as the numbers grow.

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