Pray for Japan. Must see film.

The film, Pray for Japan, is an excellent insight into how a community was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, and yet pulled together to rebuild their lives and give hope to the younger generations. Victims of the tragedy along with volunteers from all over the world came together to support each other in this effort. Some of the first volunteers were a group of Pakistani nationals living in Nagoya, who immediately unrooted and went to Ishinomaki to help out and serve food. Even though one the volunteers’ wife just had a baby 4 days before, he was compelled to help these people in need. Another story was about a high school student who lost his mother and 5 year old younger brother, yet he felt he had to help others… to give hope. On this one year anniversary, it is clear that the work has only begun. This is a must see movie that gives pause to our daily lives, gives us hope, and reinforces what it means to thrive as a community.

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