Host a Japanese Student from Tohoku for a weekend this summer!

Hosting Dates: Friday, August 3-Sunday, August 5 (3 days)

Tomodachi Program

We are looking for families in the Bay Area to host Japanese high school students from Tohoku, the area afffected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.  The Tomodachi (Friendship in Japanese) Initiative is a public-private partnership supported by the US and Japanese governments that supports Japan’s recovery from the earthquake. Tomodachi Softbank Leadership Program seeks to foster the next generation of Japanese and Americans, a “Tomodachi generation” of driven doers, thinkers and creators who are invested in the future of U.S.-Japan relations, appreciate each other’s cultures and countries, and possess the globally oriented skills and mindsets needed to thrive and make a difference. This summer, the Tomodachi Softbank Leadership Program comes to the Bay Area!

Why Host?

  • Change the course of a young person’s life
  • Meet exceptional students from Japan
  • Build lifelong international friendships
  • Introduce your family to a new culture & language

Contact: Ayako Miyaguchi


Center for Cities & Schools
University of California, Berkeley

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