TOMODACHI Summer 2012 SoftBank Leadership Program

SOFTBANK CORP. will provide Japanese high school students from the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami with an intensive three week program focusing on global leadership development and community service. This program will take place at the University of California, Berkeley.

This program will be administered by Ayusa International, a non-profit educational exchange organization established in San Francisco in 1980 that provides life-changing cultural exchange experiences for high school students around the world. Prior to departure, students and parents will participate in in-depth orientations, and students will engage in two days of intensive English language lessons delivered by native English speakers. Students will travel to the United States with Japanese chaperones, who will accompany and provide support throughout the program.

In collaboration with UC Berkeley, this program will provide a campus-based leadership program concentrated on developing powerful social advocates. Students will learn leadership skills, and develop volunteer community service projects to implement in their home communities when they return home. Along with acquiring the skills to lead, students will be exposed to inspiring role models and situations focused on motivating and equipping them to assume leadership roles upon returning home. The program will feature extensive contact with Americans through their academic program, a weekend homestay, social and sightseeing activities, along with exposure to American culture and values.

For additional information on this program, including application procedures, please click here (in Japanese).

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