Benefit Concert for Japanese Tsunami Recovery

The Heart Sutra 般若心経

An Afternoon of Indian Classical Music and Dance

July 13, 2013, 2:00  San Mateo Buddhist Temple
2 S Claremont St. San Mateo, CA 94401

Tickets for July 13th Show: 

July 14, 2013, 2:00  Berkeley Piano Club
2724 Haste St. Berkeley, CA 94704

Tickets for July 14th Show:

Mayumi Fukushima and Hitomi Kiriyama of Muyuju
Mayumi Fukushima and Hitomi Kiriyama of Muyuju

Muyuju (pronounced, Moo/You/Ju)

Come and experience a truly spiritual performance by renowned Japanese dance group Muyuju in their first-ever United States appearance.

Toward a new dance expression, the Odissi dance group Muyuju was formed in 2008 by Mayumi Fukushima and Hitomi Kiriyama who are the Odissi dancers. The Hindustani Classical musicians, Go Arai (violin and sitar) and Shiori Ishida (tabla) participated and are part of the company. Their activities began with the performance of volunteers at various welfare facilities.     The characteristic ofMuyuju, is that the dancers usually sit on chairs while performing the dance, while singing the Sanskrit song or telling the translated story. This style was born from Mayumi Fukushima’s physical handicap. They performed at several places, for example, the Embassy of India, Buddhist temples, Fukushima city where the earthquake affected areas, and so on.

Muyuju” means Ashoka trees, the flowers of which are thought to remove people’s sorrow.

Kalapi Roy-Neogi will join Muyuju as the guest local vocalist. Local Bharatanatyam and Odissi dancers, and musicians will accompany Muyuju dancers in this performance.

Mayumi Fukushima (Odissi)
Hitomi Kiriyama (Odissi)
Go Arai (Sitar/Violin)
Shiori Ishida  (Tabla)
guest musician

Kalapi Roy-Neogi (Vocal)

More Local Dancers and Musicians

Hindustani vocal

All proceeds from this concert are going directly to the Shinryuin Soto Zen Temple in Miyagi, Japan and will be used in its ongoing efforts to help communities recover from the 2011 tsunami in Japan.  Shinryuin is the Soto Zen temple where Rev. Kiko Tatedera, the former resident minister of Sokoji Soto Zen Temple in SF Japan Town is helping restoration.

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