Fukushima is Here


Fukushima is Here.
Saturday, Oct 19, 2013. Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

What an incredible event. As I was driving up from San Jose to San Francisco, I was worried that the fog would ruin the day. But, like a miracle, the sun came out on cue, as the crowd of over 500 began to gather for this momentous occasion: a human mural spelling out the words “Fukushima is Here”… a message to the world that threat of nuclear contamination from the Fukushima disaster of 2011 is still here, and real. It is not just a local problem in the Tohoku region, but a global threat. People from the East Coast, South America, Canada, Japan and Europe came in solidarity to express their concerns and search for answers. Kudos to Jina, John and the many organizers who made this happen.

For more info goto: http://www.fukushimaishere.info/