3.11 Remembered…3 years on…


Michael Tonge – 3/11/14 Sendai, Japan
Tomorrow will be a very hard and emotional day for many people in the Tohoku area of Japan. On this day 3 years ago at exactly 2.46pm we had one of the most powerful earthquakes to ever hit Japan, followed by the devastating tsunami. Around 20,000 people lost their lives that day…old and young…men, women and children. Those of us who were here that day will never ever forget. People have moved on but the memories will always be deep. Tomorrow will be a tough one for many who lost loved ones…and the many who are still living in temporary housing or have not been able to go back to their homes or towns. So…wherever you are in the world…please think of Japan and the pain that is still so fresh for so many. Just a few photos I took in the days, weeks and months after the disaster…because it is so important not to forget!!