Bringing Jazz to Japan for Earthquake-Tsunami Relief

Short video to solicit funding for Otonowa’s return goodwill tour to Tohoku, Japan this July 2014. w.Mas Koga, Ken Okada, Art Hirahara, Saki Kono. LET US NOT FORGET!

Hearing about catastrophic events leaves individuals from afar wanting to help and show those affected they are not alone. The Earthquake/Tsunami in Northern Japan in 2011 was such an event. The jazz group, OTONOWA, led by drummer Akira Tana, was assembled with Japanese and Japanese American musicians living in the U.S. They traveled to Northern Japan (Tohoku) in March 2013 to perform five free concerts and to provide music clinics for youth.

Residents still living in temporary housing and many not likely to return to their villages were provided a temporary reprieve from their situation and could just focus on the uplifting music. The sense of gratitude expressed by residents to know they were not forgotten was extremely moving to see.