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Fukushima is Here, Oct. 19, 2013

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Tohoku Insights 2013, March 10, 2013

jack Baylespanelists3tomoko_mami

San Francisco State Tohoku Roundtable Jan 31, 2013

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One Year After: A benefit concert for the Children of Tohoku, Japan – March 10, 2012

In pictures: Japan’s deadly Typhoon Talas

BBC Mobile
4 September 2011

Beautiful pictures of Tanabata Festival in Sendai, July, 2011, by Michael Tonge.

More Photos:

Incredible pictures by Michael Tonge in Sendai, Japan.
For more of his pictures, goto: facebook
Why help is still needed in Ishinomaki 


Kyung Lah
Tokyo, Japan
Bio: CNN Correspondent

Ishinomaki, Japan on the 2 month anniversary of the tsunami. Little progress. Looks like it hit yest

Children’s shoes and markers, inside the school. Without the bodies, this is all parents have.

I find this amazing: in the absence of temp housing, victims are building cardboard wonders 4 homes

spend generously help japan

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