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  1. What’s inside a Japanese quake grab bag?
    These kind of “quake grab bags” are sold at stores in Japan, if I remember correctly… you are supposed to buy a new set every 2 years. I remember seeing this at the house we used to live in Osaka.

    My mother in Osaka told me on the phone yesterday that so many people came to Osaka to be away from Tokyo. All hotels are booked. People from Tokyo told her that a place like GINZA which is known for night life has become like a “ghost town”, dark and empty.

    I hope my friend in Tokyo are okay. They said that they go to sleep with regular clothes with socks on so that they can get out of the house at any time when necessary.

  2. Japan is one of our most important friends and allies, so let’s all help Sendai and the surrounding towns recover over the next decade. Not only will we help rebuild the region, but also learn valuable lessons — resilience, hard work, cooperation, selflessness, and harmony — which are so badly needed in the world today. The irony is that in helping Sendai we will help ourselves; we will learn how to recover from disasters that may someday hit our own cities and towns.

  3. Congratulations to the Keizai Society of Silicon Valley! Their latest news:

    Event Summary – June 29, 2011 Fund raising for the Orphans of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

    On June 29, the Keizai Society partnered with two other prominent Silicon Valley business organizations to co-sponsor a fundraiser in support of children who lost their parents in the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Keizai’s co-sponsors for the event were the technology and business organization representing India (TiE — The Indus Entrepreneurs) and China (Silicon Valley – China Wireless). The event sponsor was PARC (the Palo Alto Research Center).

    The event raised approximately $15,000 and the proceeds will go to support Ashinaga Foundation, a non-profit group that provides financial and emotional support for Japanese orphans. Special thanks go to Dean Yonenaga, Akemi Koda and other volunteers who worked very hard to organize and make it a success.

    Photos of the event can be found at:

    PARC — Palo Alto Research Center

    Some of us were interested in corresponding with the orphans as a part of our support. The Keizai Society contacted Ashinaga with this request. Due to protection of private information of the children and also service limitation of the organization, our request was declined. However, Ashinaga was thankful for our thoughts and prayers for the orphans.

    To date the Keizai Society and its partners have raised approximately $140,000 in support of the survivors of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

  4. I’m working with a number of people, NPOs, Businesses, Educational institutions to keep finding our way forward with more grassroots approaches to recreation of Tohoku which is led and authored by people in the region. You can see some of the notes from my work at Much is alive and much is possible. I’m in the US now, headed back to Japan at the end of August. Bob Stilger, The Berkana Institute,

  5. I suppose that is a good idea to share this campaign with everyone …

    Tsunami Relief: Help People Not Whalers

    Aide post-tsunami: aidons les gens, pas les baleiniers

    Tsunami-Hilfsgelder: für Menschen, nicht Walfänger

    Asistencia post-Tsunami: para la gente, no para los balleneros

    Fundos de Ajuda Humanitária do Tsunami: Para Pessoas, Não Baleeiros

    Tsunami-noodhulp: help de mensen, niet de walvisjagers

  6. A song written and composed by Alvin Okami (Nandemo Dekiru) You Can Do It If You Try, accompanied by dancers Ipolei Kubouchi Halau & Aloha Minami Circle Halau dedicated to the victims of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Sendai and Fukushima Japan performed at McKinley Alumni Association’s 10th Karaoke Show, Sunday April 1, 2012, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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