Typhoons spread Fukushima fallout, study warns

Yahoo News
AFP NewsAFP News – Fri, Nov 29, 2013

Typhoons that hit Japan each year are helping spread radioactive material from the Fukushima nuclear disaster into the country’s waterways, researchers say.

Contaminated soil gets washed away by the high winds and rain and deposited in streams and rivers, a joint study by France’s Climate and Environmental Science laboratory (LSCE) and Tsukuba University in Japan showed.

An earthquake-sparked tsunami slammed into the Fukushima plant in March 2011, sending reactors into meltdown and sparking the worst atomic accident in a generation.



Japan does its part in relief efforts in Philippines

Channel News Asia
Japan Bureau Chief Michiyo Ishida
Nov 28, 2013

The government-backed Self Defense Force is in action on the ground, transporting goods not only from Japan but from other countries too, treating those injured and disinfecting parts of Tacloban